The fundamental layout primitive.

View uses a flexbox column layout by default. Every instance of View uses relative positioning by default and the zIndex can only be used to control the relative Z-axis stacking of siblings within their parent.

Raw text nodes are not allowed as children of View. A View nested within a Text will render inline without altering its display or that of its children.

import { View } from 'react-native';

<View {...props}>{children}</View>;

Did you know? View elements do not support text content or text styles. Style properties like fontFamily are only supported on Text and TextInput elements.




The accessibility props.


The PointerEvent props.


The FocusEvent props.


The KeyboardEvent props.


The ResponderEvent props.

children any

The children of a View element can be other elements and must not include strings (or components that render down to strings).

dataSet ?Object

Equivalent to HTMLElement.dataset.

dir ?("ltr" | "rtl")

Equivalent to HTMLElement.dir.

href ?string

If href is defined, the view is rendered as an anchor tag pointing to this URL.

hrefAttrs ?Object

If href is defined, this prop defines related attributes to include on the anchor (e.g., download, rel, target) which may modify its behavior.

id ?string

Equivalent to

lang ?string

Equivalent to HTMLElement.lang. This prop is used to infer writing direction if no dir is set.

onLayout ?({ nativeEvent: { layout: { x, y, width, height } } }) => void

This is invoked when a component is mounted and when its layout changes. x and y are the offsets from the parent node.

style ?Style

Set the styles of the view.

tabIndex 0 | -1

Set whether the view can receive keyboard focus.

testID ?string

Set the test selector label (via data-testid).


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