React Native for Web

React Native Components and APIs on the Web

React Native for Web is an accessible implementation of React Native's Components and APIs that is interoperable with React DOM.

  • Accessible HTML. Support different devices and input modes, render semantic tags.
  • High-quality interactions. Support gestures and multiple input modes (touch, mouse, keyboard).
  • Reliable styles. Rely on scoped styles and automatic vendor-prefixing. Support RTL layouts.
  • Responsive containers. Respond to element resize events.
  • Incremental adoption. Interoperates with existing React DOM components. Bundle only what you use.

Try it out!

You can try React Native for Web from your browser using the official template on CodeSandbox.

Fork the template and create your own app without leaving the browser.

Did you know? React Native for Web powers web support in multi-platform React tools like Expo, React Native Elements, React Native Paper, and NativeBase.

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