Accessible single- and multi-line text input via a keyboard.

Supports features such as auto-complete, auto-focus, placeholder text, and event callbacks. Note: some props are exclusive to or excluded from multiline.

import { TextInput } from 'react-native-web';

<TextInput {...props} />;


Props #


The accessibility props.


The click props.


The focus props.

autoCapitalize ?string

Equivalent to HTMLElement.autocapitalize.

autoComplete ?string

Equivalent to HTMLElement.autocomplete.

autoCorrect ?("on" | "off")

A string indicating whether or not auto-correct behavior is on or off. Safari only.

autoFocus ?boolean = false

If true, focuses the input on mount. Only the first form element in a document with auto-focus is focused.

blurOnSubmit ?boolean

If true, the text field will blur when submitted. The default value is true for single-line fields and false for multiline fields. Note, for multiline fields setting blurOnSubmit to true means that pressing return will blur the field and trigger the onSubmitEditing event instead of inserting a newline into the field.

clearTextOnFocus ?boolean = false

If true, clears the text field automatically when focused.

dataSet ?Object

Equivalent to HTMLElement.dataset.

defaultValue ?string

The initial value of the input. Useful for simple use-cases where you don’t want to deal with listening to events and updating the value prop to keep the controlled state in sync.

dir ?("auto" | "ltr" | "rtl") = "auto"

Equivalent to HTMLElement.dir

disabled ?boolean = false

Equivalent to HTMLElement.disabled

editable ?boolean = true

Equivalent to HTMLElement.readonly

keyboardType ?string

Hints at the type of data that might be entered by the user while editing the element or its contents. Equivalent to HTMLElement.inputMode. Safari iOS requires an ancestral <form action> element to display the search keyboard. (Not available when multiline is true.)

lang ?string

Equivalent to HTMLElement.lang.

maxLength ?string

Equivalent to HTMLElement.maxlength.

multiline ?boolean = false

If true, the text input can be multiple lines.

nativeID ?string

Equivalent to HTMLElement.id.

numberOfLines ?number = 1

Sets the number of lines for a multiline input. (Requires multiline to be true.)

onChange ?(e: ChangeEvent) => void

Equivalent to the React DOM ChangeEvent.

onChangeText ?(text: string) => void

Called when the text content of the input changes.

onContentSizeChange ?({ nativeEvent: { contentSize: { width, height } } }) => void

Callback that is called when the text input’s content size changes.

onKeyPress ?(e: KeyboardEvent) => void

Equivalent to the onKeyDown prop.

onLayout ?({ nativeEvent: { layout: { x, y, width, height } } }) => void

This is invoked when a component is mounted and when its layout changes. x and y are the offsets from the parent node.

onScroll ?(e: ScrollEvent) => void

Called during scrolling.

onSelectionChange ?({ nativeEvent: { selection: { start, end } } }) => void

Callback that is called when the text input’s selection changes.

onSubmitEditing ?() => void

Callback that is called when the keyboard’s submit button is pressed. When multiline={true}, this is only called if blurOnSubmit={true}.

placeholder ?boolean

Text that appears in the form control when it has no value set.

placeholderTextColor ?string

Equivalent to defining ::placeholder { color } via a CSS property.

returnKeyType ?string

Specifies what action label (or icon) to present for the enter key on virtual keyboards. Equivalent to HTMLElement.enterkeyhint

secureTextEntry ?boolean = false

Set to true for passwords and other sensitive data. Equivalent to HTMLInputElement “password” type. (Not available when multiline is true.)

selectTextOnFocus ?boolean = false

If true, all text will automatically be selected on focus.

spellCheck ?boolean

Equivalent to HTMLElement.spellcheck

style ?Style

Set the styles of the view. TextInput supports typographic styles in addition to those of View.

testID ?string

Set the test selector label (via data-testid).

value ?string

The value of the input when using it as a controlled component.

Instance methods #

blur () => void

Blur the underlying DOM input.

clear () => void

Clear the text from the underlying DOM input.

focus () => void

Focus the underlying DOM input.

isFocused () => boolean

Returns true if the input is currently focused; false otherwise.

Examples #

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